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Melisa Vittoria is a visual artist who paints in a modern abstract style using acrylic and mixed media. Her signature work consists of nature inspired elements, textured layers of palette knife marks and quick brushstrokes typically painted on wood canvases. 


Born in Montreal, Quebec, Melisa continues to live and work in the city inspired by its diverse culture and architectural surroundings. She studied Interior Design at LaSalle Inter-Dec College and graduated in 2007. During the next ten years of her professional career, she had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients in the furniture industry and as an interior designer for upscale hotels, restaurants and contemporary condos.


This experience enabled Melisa to develop her creativity and visual design skills which eventually inspired her to start painting. She's been passionate about art and design throughout her entire life. Influenced by her artistic father since a young age, it was inevitable that she decided to return to her roots. Being the curious and ambitious person that she is, she found a studio and started to create large scale art painting freely without any limitations. As a self-taught artist, she looks forward to further honing her technique and to one day host a vernissage.

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